Property Damage Claims

Property damage can occur in many different ways. Forces of nature – earthquakes, storms, landslides – often devastate homes and businesses. Fires, both man-made and natural, can completely destroy a property or cause long-lasting damage that significantly devalues it. Disasters are not the only source of property damage; many cases can be attributed to the negligence of another party. In either case, the property owner may face complications getting his or her rightful compensation. An experienced attorney who specializes in property law can help.

What Should I Do after My Property Has Been Damaged?

A fast response is essential to preserving your rights and minimizing losses in any case of property damage. First and foremost, consult with a trustworthy property damage litigation lawyer. The legal and financial procedures which follow property damage are highly sensitive, and it is best to receive guidance and avoid any missteps. You may also need to consult with investigatory professionals in various disciplines in order to determine the source of the property damage.

In addition, you are expected to mitigate your damages. This may mean taking steps to prevent additional damage or taking steps to stop already-present damage from becoming worse. A skilled California property evaluation lawyer can help you coordinate the need for appraisals, repairs, or other mitigation measures, as well as communications with insurance companies; all while keeping an eye on the legal issues that may arise from the damage to ensure you will not be caught in a lawsuit unawares.

Does My Insurance Cover Property Damage?

Most property owners/policy holders in California have some type of protection with regards to property damage. Insurance policies typically cover fire, water, earthquake, and hurricane damage, in addition to theft, vandalism, and even rioting. Of course, not all property damage insurance policies are the same, so it is best that you conduct a close evaluation of what specific damages your policy covers.

Unfortunately, just because you have property damage coverage does not necessarily mean you will receive it when disaster strikes. Insurance companies, like any other business, operate on profit. The insurance adjuster may employ devious tactics in order to get you to jeopardize your claim, just to preserve the company’s bottom line. He or she may also offer you a settlement that initially seems fair, but does not encompass the full extent of the damages you have suffered. It is absolutely vital that you consult with your attorney before speaking with an insurance adjuster or signing anything.

What Can I Do if a Governing or Public Official Caused My Property Damage?

Negligent actions on the part of public officials may lead to floods, debris flow, landslides, and other forces to damage your property. Blight or decay caused by the excessive delay of property acquisition upon announcement of intent, also known as inverse condemnation, may also lead to damage. A qualified legal team can, in your stead, conduct a thorough investigation of the mitigating circumstances of your property damage case and hold the negligent official liable in a suit. If your case is won, you may receive considerable restitution.

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